Discover the Nord Wave 2 synthesizer, a groundbreaking instrument packed with innovative features, including advanced layering, powerful modulation options, and a wide range of effects. Explore the new filter types and onboard effects that make the Nord Wave 2 a dream synthesizer for musicians and producers alike.

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  • Intuitive layer-focused interface for effortless sound sculpting
  • Hands-on controls for real-time tweaking and performance
  • Innovative performance features including advanced arpeggiation and morphing capabilities
  • Extensive modulation options for dynamic sound manipulation
  • Comprehensive effects section for adding texture and depth to your compositions
  • Expressive keyboard with Aftertouch for nuanced performance control
  • User-replaceable samples for customizable sound libraries
  • Seamless integration into any setup with MIDI, USB, and audio connections
  • 4-part Synthesizer with dedicated volume/pan faders
  • Sample, Virtual Analog, Wavetable, and FM synthesis capabilities
  • 48 voice polyphony for expansive sound exploration
  • OLED Displays for Program and Oscillator sections, ensuring clear navigation
  • 1 GB memory for Nord Sample Library 3.0, enabling access to a vast array of sounds
  • User-replaceable samples for customizable sound libraries
  • 61-note keyboard with Aftertouch for expressive performance
  • Advanced Arpeggiator with Polyphonic Trig mode for rhythmic complexity
  • Gate feature for adding rhythmic effects to your compositions
  • Advanced Morph features with Impulse Morph for dynamic sound shaping
  • Master Clock control of Arpeggiator, LFO, and Effects for precise synchronization
  • Vibrato with 3 Delay modes and Wheel/Aftertouch assign for expressive control
  • Various oscillator options including Analog, Samples, Wavetable, and FM with true Unison mode
  • Flexible modulation capabilities with LFO, AD/AR envelope, and routing options
  • ADSR Amp envelope with Transient Attack Mode for precise amplitude shaping
  • Comprehensive filter section offering 12/24 dB lowpass, lowpass M, bandpass, high pass, and LP+HP options with Filter Drive
  • FX section featuring Tremolo, Pan, Ring Modulation, Chorus, Ensemble, and Vibe for added texture
  • EQ section with Drive for sculpting your sound
  • Advanced Delay and Reverb sections with multiple sizes and modes for spatial enhancement

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