EnovaNxt introduces its 3m microphone cable XLR female to XLR male 3 pin, featuring True Mold Technology for seamless integration of connectors and cable. With superior durability, enhanced handling, and interchangeable color coding rings, this premium cable is ideal for on-stage applications.
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EnovaNxt presents the latest advancement in audio connectivity with the 3m microphone cable XLR female to XLR male 3 pin. Engineered using True Mold Technology, this premium cable offers unparalleled durability, reliability, and performance, making it the perfect choice for on-stage applications.

True Mold Technology represents a breakthrough in XLR cable design, seamlessly merging the connectors and cable into a fully integrated, ready-made cable. By utilizing only the essential components of XLR connectors, this innovative approach overcomes the weaknesses commonly associated with individual connectors, ensuring robustness and longevity.

Manufactured in Europe, the EnovaNxt microphone cable is purpose-built for on-stage use, boasting enhanced resistance against dust and water ingress. The gold-plated XLR contacts guarantee optimal conductivity, superior corrosion protection, and increased durability, even with frequent mating.

To further enhance reliability, solder joints are safeguarded by heat shrink tubes, minimizing the risk of short-circuit faults. The fully integrated design also reinforces the strain relief, enabling it to withstand higher forces compared to conventional XLR cables.

The modern and sleek design of the over-molding not only improves handling but also eliminates drooping cables commonly observed on stage, in studios, and in broadcasting settings. Additionally, the cable features an interchangeable color coding ring, allowing event technicians and musicians to customize the cable’s color coding without the need for rewiring.

Featuring a 2-conductor, shielded microphone cable with an outer diameter of 6.4mm and a 2 x 0.22mm² conductor cross-section, the EnovaNxt microphone cable ensures optimal signal transmission and noise rejection.


  • Brand: EnovaNxt
  • Version: Cable Version
  • Connector Type: XLR, XLR female 3 pin, XLR male 3 pin
  • Cable Type: XLR female to male
  • Connection Mode: Push-button latch
  • Number of Contacts: 3
  • Gender: Cable female to male
  • Connector Housing Color: Black
  • Cable Surface Color: Black
  • Cable Length: 3 meters
  • Cable Diameter: Ø 6.4 mm
  • Wire Size: Ø 24 AWG (0.22 mm²)
  • Wiring Mode: Solder contact
  • Plug Cycle: > 1000
  • Country of Origin: EU
  • Operating Voltage (VAC.RMS): < 50 V
  • Max. Rated Current (A): 16 A
  • Contact Resistance: ≤ 3 mΩ
  • Applications: DJ, Keyboard Player, Singer, Sound Engineer

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