PO23FP-IN – Power cable connector blue input V 20 A.

PO23FP-IN – Power cable connector blue input V 20 A.



Enova Solutions presents the "Power cable connector blue input 230 V 20 A", designed for secure and reliable electrical connections. This robust blue power input plug, part of the PO-Series, is perfect for handling high-load connections in various professional settings, ensuring efficient power delivery.
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The Enova Solutions “Power cable connector blue input 230 V 20 A” is a superior female connector that offers a dependable solution for power transmission. It measures 70 mm in length and 29 mm in width, and is designed to support cable diameters from 9 mm to 11 mm. Crafted for safety and durability, this connector comes with a critical warning that it must not be inserted or removed under load, ensuring user safety and equipment integrity.

Rated for 230 V and 20 A, this connector has a high voltage rating of 2000 VAC and operates at a RMS voltage of 500 V, making it suitable for high-demand environments. It accommodates cable connection sizes from 2 mm to 3.5 mm (14 to 12 AWG), and features a contact resistance of less than 3 mΩ. The connector boasts IP44 protection according to EN60529 2000, ensuring it is protected against solid objects and water splashes from all directions.

Certified by TÜV and compliant with ROHS according to EN62321-1, this product is designed for applications in video and lighting technology, and sound engineering, catering to professionals who require reliable, high-performance equipment.


  • Brand: ENOVA
  • Series: PO-Serie
  • Version: Cable Version
  • Connector Type: Power
  • Number of Contacts: 3
  • Gender: Female connector
  • Housing Color: Blue
  • Cable Diameter: Min. Ø 9 mm; Max. Ø 11 mm
  • Cable Connection Size: Min. Ø 2 mm; Max. Ø 3.5 mm
  • Cable Connection Size (AWG): Min. 14; Max. 12
  • IP Protection Class: IP44
  • Compliance: ROHS according to EN62321-1
  • Origin: China
  • Voltage Rating: 230 V; High Voltage Rating: 2000 VAC
  • Operating Voltage: 500 VAC.RMS
  • Max. Rated Current: 20 A
  • Contact Resistance: ≤ 3 mΩ
  • Applications: Video technician, Lighting technician, Sound engineer
  • Certifications: TÜV Certified

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