MX4006BT-U, Analogue Mixer

MX4006BT-U, Analogue Mixer



The POWERWORKS MX4006BT-U is a 32-channel mixer packed with advanced features for professional audio production. With noiseless Mic/Line preamps, comprehensive EQ options, USB recording/playback, Bluetooth connectivity, and more, it offers exceptional versatility and control for live sound and studio applications.
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The POWERWORKS MX4006BT-U is a professional-grade mixer designed to meet the demands of modern audio production environments. Featuring 32 noiseless Mic/Line preamps, including 30 MIC inputs and 2 stereo inputs, this mixer offers unparalleled versatility for capturing audio from a variety of sources.

Equipped with advanced features such as “AGREA” Noiseless MIC Pre-Amplifier, 4-band EQ, 9-band EQ on the main output, and +48V Phantom Power, it ensures exceptional sound quality and control over your audio signals. The mixer also includes a range of connectivity options, including XLR Balanced Output, 4 Group Out, 1 Stereo Output, 4 Aux sends, and 1 Stereo return, providing flexibility in routing and signal processing. Additionally, with a built-in 24/24-Bit DSP with USB/REC Player System, 2-In/2-Out USB Stereo Sound Card, Bluetooth connectivity, and DJ light functionality, the MX4006BT-U offers comprehensive solutions for both live sound reinforcement and studio recording applications.

With its highly-precise level attenuation faders and limiter COMP function, this mixer ensures precise control and protection against signal overload, making it an essential tool for audio professionals and enthusiasts alike.


  • Channels: 32 (30 MIC inputs + 2 Stereo inputs)
  • Preamps: 32 noiseless Mic/Line preamps
  • Features: 4 Group Out, 1 Stereo Output, 4 Aux sends, 1 Stereo return, “AGREA” Noiseless MIC Pre-Amplifier, 4-band EQ, 9-band EQ on Main Output, +48V Phantom Power, Independent Monitor Function, DJ light, Limiter COMP Function, 100mm highly-precise level attenuation faders
  • Connectivity: XLR Balanced Output, USB Stereo Sound Card (2-In/2-Out, 96kHz/24-bit), Bluetooth
  • Built-in DSP: 24/24-Bit DSP with USB/REC Player System

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