PX 4116, UHF Wireless Microphone-Diversity System

PX 4116, UHF Wireless Microphone-Diversity System


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PX 4116, UHF Wireless Microphone-Diversity System

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The RCF PX 4116 is a professional UHF wireless microphone system designed for reliable and convenient operation. Featuring a user-friendly interface with LCD display, auto-scan function, and RF signal switching diversity control, this system offers exceptional performance and ease of use for various applications.
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The RCF PX 4116 is a top-of-the-line UHF wireless microphone system designed to meet the demands of professional audio applications. With its advanced features, intuitive interface, and robust construction, the PX 4116 delivers reliable performance and exceptional sound quality in any setting.

Featuring a friendly user interface with a front panel LCD display, the PX 4116 offers easy access to system settings and status information, ensuring seamless operation for users of all experience levels. The auto-scan function simplifies setup by automatically identifying the best available frequencies, while the RF signal switching diversity control optimizes signal reception for clear and interference-free audio transmission.

With three output level selections, squelch control, and PLL (phase-locked loop) UHF technology, the PX 4116 provides precise control over audio performance, allowing users to tailor the system to their specific requirements. The system supports up to 16 channels or frequencies out of 144 simultaneously, offering flexibility and versatility for complex audio setups.

Constructed with soft-touch painting for comfortable use, the PX 4116 ensures ergonomic handling and durability in demanding environments. The mute function allows users to quickly silence the microphone when needed, adding to the system’s versatility and convenience.

The PX 4116 kit includes a RX 4016 receiver with AC/DC adapter, two antennas, and a 1.5m cable with 1/4” jack plugs, along with a PX 4100 body pack transmitter and a LA 2004 ‘Lavalier’ (tie-clip) electret microphone. Whether used for live performances, presentations, conferences, or other professional applications, the RCF PX 4116 delivers exceptional wireless performance and reliability.


  • Channels: 144 individual channels divided into 12 groups
  • Simultaneous Channels: Up to 16 channels
  • RF Output Power Levels: 3 selectable levels
  • Display: Front panel LCD display showing frequency, audio signal level, radio signal level, mute, and battery level
  • Antennas: Two high-performance antennas for wide radio coverage
  • Construction: Soft-touch painting for comfortable handling
  • Included Components: RX 4016 receiver, AC/DC adapter, two antennas, 1.5m cable with 1/4” jack plugs, PX 4100 body pack transmitter, LA 2004 ‘Lavalier’ electret microphone

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