SP24FN – Loudspeaker connection 4-pin, metal housing female

SP24FN – Loudspeaker connection 4-pin, metal housing female



The Enova Solutions "Loudspeaker Connection 4-pin, Metal Housing Female, 40 Amps" offers a high-performance audio connection solution for demanding applications. This robust connector is designed with a durable metal housing and can handle a maximum current of 40 amps, making it ideal for professional audio systems, stage setups, and multimedia installations.
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Designed to withstand rigorous use, the Enova Solutions “Loudspeaker Connection 4-pin, Metal Housing Female, 40 Amps” features a strong nickel-finished ZZnAI4-0 metal housing and silver-plated zinc contacts for optimal conductivity and minimal signal loss. This connector is engineered for reliability and durability, with a length of 91.1 mm, width of 26 mm, and height of 29.48 mm.

It supports a wide range of cable diameters from 8.5 mm to 14 mm and offers solder contact wiring mode for a secure and stable connection. Two types of strain relief accommodate different cable sheath diameters: standard black for Ø8.511.5mm and white for Ø11.513mm, ensuring compatibility with various cable sizes and additional support against cable stress and wear.

Rated for up to 250 VAC.RMS and with a maximum rated current of 40 A, this connector is designed to meet the needs of high-power applications in professional audio. The product complies with ROHS standards and is suitable for various applications, including use by video technicians, machine builders, DJs, lighting technicians, and sound engineers.


  • Brand: ENOVA
  • Series: SP-Serie
  • Version: Cable Version
  • Connector Type: Speaker Connector 4 pin
  • Number of Contacts: 4
  • Gender: Female connector
  • Housing Color: Metal (Nickel finish)
  • Cable Diameter: Min. Ø 8.5 mm; Max. Ø 14 mm
  • Cable Connection Size Max: Ø 4 mm
  • Cable Connection Size Max (AWG): AWG 11
  • Wiring Mode: Solder contact
  • Material (Housing/Contact): ZZnAI4-0 (Nickel) / Zinc (Silver plated)
  • ROHS Compliance: Yes
  • Country of Origin: China
  • Operating Voltage: 250 VAC.RMS
  • Max. Rated Current: 40 A
  • Applications: Video technician, Machine builder, DJ, Lighting technician, Sound engineer
  • Markets: Event Production, Plant construction, Multimedia installation, Cable Assembly

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