TX 2006, UHF Wireless Microphone-Diversity System

TX 2006, UHF Wireless Microphone-Diversity System


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TX 2006, UHF Wireless Microphone-Diversity System

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The RCF TX 2006 is a professional UHF wireless microphone system designed for seamless audio transmission in various applications. With a diversity circuit, 16 different frequencies, and two antennas, this system ensures reliable performance with minimal interference, making it ideal for live performances, presentations, and events.
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The RCF TX 2006 is a high-quality UHF wireless microphone system engineered to deliver exceptional audio performance in diverse professional settings. Featuring a diversity circuit, 16 different frequencies, and two antennas, this system offers reliable and interference-free audio transmission, making it perfect for live events, presentations, conferences, and more.

With 16 individual channels, the TX 2006 provides flexibility and compatibility with other audio equipment. Users can manually select frequencies at both the transmitter and receiver to optimize performance and minimize interference. The system can operate with up to six channels simultaneously, accommodating various audio setups and configurations.

The diversity circuit in the RX 2006 receiver automatically selects the highest-level radio signal received from one of the two antennas, ensuring consistent signal coverage and reliability. This feature minimizes the risk of interruptions and interference, allowing users to focus on their performance without worrying about audio dropouts.

Equipped with a squelch control, the TX 2006 enables users to eliminate undesired radio signals that may cause interference, further enhancing the system’s performance and reliability. Additionally, the included power supply adapter ensures convenient and hassle-free operation out of the box.

The TX 2006 kit includes a RX 2006 receiver with AC/DC adapter and a 1.5m cable with 1/4” jack plugs, a TX 2000 transmitter with a handheld dynamic microphone, and rack ears for mounting a pair of RX 2006 receivers into a 19” rack cabinet.

Whether used for stage performances, corporate presentations, or public speaking engagements, the RCF TX 2006 wireless microphone system delivers professional-grade audio quality and reliable performance.


  • Channels: 16 individual channels
  • Frequency Selection: Manual selection at transmitter and receiver
  • Simultaneous Channels: Up to 6 channels
  • Diversity Circuit: Automatically selects highest-level radio signal from two antennas
  • Squelch Control: Eliminates undesired radio signals
  • Included Components: RX 2006 receiver, AC/DC adapter, 1.5m cable with 1/4” jack plugs, TX 2000 transmitter with handheld dynamic microphone, rack ears

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