Elevate your audio experience with the PowerWorks UPDM-D3, a sleek 1U rack-mounted powerhouse. This 2-channel amplifier is the fusion of robust power and innovative technology, delivering 2 x 1150W RMS at 4Ω. Its efficient Class-D design ensures a compact form without compromising on the thunderous output needed for professional installations and conferences.
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The PowerWorks UPDM-D3 stands at the intersection of innovation and functionality, encapsulating sheer power in a 1U rack-mountable form. It is a marvel of modern audio engineering, providing 2 x 1150W RMS at 4Ω and 2 x 600W RMS at 8Ω, all while maintaining energy efficiency and a light footprint.

Crafted with cutting-edge Class-D technology, the UPDM-D3 offers a lightweight yet powerful solution for any PA/DJ system. Superior connectivity is achieved with 2 XLR inputs and 2 Speakon outputs, complemented by a stereo/parallel switch to cater to a myriad of sound environments and preferences.

The unit doesn’t shy away from safety, equipped with an arsenal of protective features including overload, overheat, and short-circuit prevention mechanisms. This ensures your performances are not only powerful but also protected. A built-in limiter and a 3-second start delay guarantee a seamless, distortion-free experience.

Housed in a rugged metal chassis, the UPDM-D3 is built to last. It’s a testament to durability that’s ready to face the rigors of on-the-road wear and tear or to be a permanent fixture in any fixed installation.


  • Channel: 2 Channels
  • Power Output: 2 x 1150W RMS at 4Ω / 2 x 600W RMS at 8Ω
  • Input Impedance: 20K ohm balanced, 10K ohm unbalanced
  • Input Sensitivity: 0.775V/1.0V/1.4V Switchable
  • Frequency Response: 20Hz – 20KHz (+/-0.2dB)
  • Signal-to-Noise Ratio: >105 dB
  • Total Harmonic Distortion: 0.05%
  • Connectivity: XLR, SpeakOn Outputs
  • Safety Features: Overload, overheat, and short-circuit protection
  • Dimensions: 19″ W x 15.4″ D x 1.75″ H (Standard 1U)
  • Weight: 9.9 lbs

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