Rediscover the essence of exceptional sound with our Blue Line Pro NEO speakers. After years of honing our craft, we decided to reimagine the NEO speaker series. While we've always taken pride in crafting custom drivers, we've now embraced neodymium magnets for a lighter yet potent performance.

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Unleash the full potential of your bass guitar with the ABM-115H Compact Bass Cab. Designed for discerning bassists and built to withstand the rigors of the road, this cabinet is a true workhorse. Crafted from high-quality birch plywood, it’s not only durable but resonates with a rich, deep tone that bass enthusiasts crave.
At its heart lies a custom-designed 15″ Blue Line speaker, offering a harmonious blend of power and precision. Whether you’re grooving in a cosy club or rocking a massive stage, this cab fills the room with thunderous, punchy bass. What sets the ABM-115H apart is its switchable horn tweeter, allowing you to tailor your high-end frequencies with precision. No matter your musical style, you’ll find the perfect balance between thunderous lows and sparkling highs.
Built to endure the demands of touring, this cabinet boasts rugged buffalo leather cloth covering, sturdy metal corners, and a steel grille. Its front-ported design ensures maximum dispersion, while the two Speakon/Jack inputs provide versatility in connecting to your amplifier. With 300 watts handling power at 8 ohms, the ABM-115H is your ticket to a commanding bass presence, night after night. Elevate your sound with Ashdown’s ABM-115H Compact Bass Cab – the choice of professionals worldwide.
Close up of the Ashdown ABM 115 evo iv pro neo cabinet black metal grill with bass guitar leaning in front
Looking at the popularity of our cab offering and that of others on the market 15” speakers have made some what of
a revival in the bass market over recent years opting for a more vintage feel but delivering a full range of frequencies.
Close up of the blue speakers which are in the ABM 115 pro neo
The 15 is a great speaker added to our new compact poplar ply enclosure with high frequency horn unit it is truly a very
versatile cab rated at 300watts at 8ohms.
Close up of the 10 inch speaker in the abm 115 pro neo
We couldn’t launch a range of bass cabs without looking at a 15” speaker so once again looking at everything that
makes a great 15 it needs power and a wide range of frequencies.
close up of the blue speaker in the abm 115 pro neo
Our NEW PRO NEO BLUE LINE 15” speaker is
efficient in its design to ensure it delivers a full range of frequencies as a stand alone cabinet but yet compliment an
additional cabinet to bolster your stage presence. Rated at 300 watts at 8 Ohms the ABM-115H PRO NEO is a fantastic
addition to the line up.
Size: H: 514mm(inc feet) W: 501mm D: 342mm
Weight: 14.8kg
Watts: 300
Impedance: 8 Ohms
Speakers: 1 x 15” BLUE LINE PRO NEO
Horn: 3 Way Variable HF Driver

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